Banneret Wealth Tech Ventures

Accelerating Growth in Wealth and Asset Management

Banneret was created to transform the way wealth holders, the advisors who guide them and skilled investment managers interact to bring effective, cost-efficient, well understood alternative investment solutions to the business of building durable wealth. The post pandemic landscape with adoption of work from anywhere, openness to technological solutions, and the return of two-way market risk sets the stage for enduring and rapid disruption.

How We Engage

Banneret engages with multiple touch points at the nexus of alternative investment solutions, wealth management and tech/DeFi.

Alternative Asset/Strategy Managers

Banneret believes that a new ecosystem that prioritizes skill over capacity, reduces the role of traditional gatekeepers, and will require strategy managers to adopt a new playbook.  Banneret can help tailor and execute a custom strategy that leverages technology to maximize asset raising effectiveness.

Exacting Investors/Advisors

Banneret is uniquely skilled to assist discriminating RIA’s, OCIO’s, Multi-Family Offices to source next generation building blocks and differentiate their wealth building solutions.

Early Stage Wealth Tech/DeFi Firms

Banneret’s legacy of innovation,industry knowledge, network and resources can be helpful to startups from Ideating to Scaling stages. In addition to advisory roles, Banneret can serve as an interim /fractional resource for the Early Stage/Lean Startup phase of development and support transition to later round funding and staffing.

Venture/Wealth Tech GP's

Banneret’s industry knowledge and network can be a complementary source of strategic collaboration, from pre-bid due diligence, through incubation, growth and exit.

Banneret Representative Projects (Q1 2022):

Alternative Asset-Real Estate Hedge Fund

Partnering to leverage Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to source attractive commercial real estate opportunities in smaller, medium sized markets and formulate a go to market strategy.

Alternative Asset-U.S based Systematic Macro Boutique

Advising on strategic options, optimizing messaging on differentiation and formulating a viable growth strategy.

Wealth Tech/DeFi Platform

Formulating and presenting potential strategy pivot to liquid alternative platform that has failed to scale despite early mover advantage.