Banneret Wealth Tech Ventures

Our Vision

To establish Banneret Wealth Tech Ventures as a distinguished standard-bearer for transforming the ecosystem for sourcing, and delivering the wealth enhancing solutions that work for discriminating investors, elite advisors and innovative alternative investment managers alike.

The Knight Banneret

A Knight Banneret, or sometimes known simply as a Banneret was a distinguished rank of medieval warrior who:

  • Through valor on the field of battle was conferred the right to lead his own company of troops under his own, differentiated banner.

Was a “commoner” of social rank but had proven himself indispensable to the lord or sovereign.


  • Investor skill and efficacious performance will drive portfolio consideration, not capacity for future asset gathering.
  • Alternative allocations will be evaluated on incremental contribution to portfolio return, risk and drawdown and potential for rebalancing in market dislocations, as opposed to relative performance to beta.
  • Full Transparency into fees, expenses, structure costs, and strategy scaling will improve understanding and alignment of expectations.
  • “Focus-Strats” will replace Multi-strats where fees, scaling and resultant position cancellation have left investors rightfully disappointed.

Robert Rodman IV


Robert is an accomplished financial services executive and “intrapreneur” with a proven history of driving innovative growth and strategy. Robert brings his exceptional analytical, leadership and organizational skills to Banneret’s mission to upend how wealth holders access alternative investments.  

Super Power: Taking complex ideas, structures down to their most basic elements.

Enjoys Most:  Competition, specifically “stealing the cheese” of more established, resourced competitors.

Enjoys Least:  Being told “that is not the way we do it here”.